A daily thought to keep you going successfully through your life!

  • How to treat others:

    . . . with RESPECT

    RECOGNIZE   the inherent worth of all human beings.
    ELIMINATE   derogatory words and phrases from your vocabulary.
    SPEAK   with people - not at them. . . or about them.
    PRACTICE   empathy. Walk awhile in others' shoes.
    EARN   respect from others through worthy behavior.
    CONSIDER   others' feelings before speaking and acting.
    TREAT   everyone with dignity and courtesy.

    The best thing to give your enemy:   forgiveness;
    to an opponent:   tolerance;
    to a friend:   your heart;
    to your child:   a good example;
    to a father:   deference;
    to your mother:   conduct that will make her proud of you;
    to yourself:   respect;
    to all people:   the God kind of love.

    by John Balfour

    See you tomorrow, God willing.
    There'll be another Success Thought here for you then.
    Meanwhile, be blessed in all you do today!

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